2nd and 3rd chance credit

Bad luck is following you around and you’re having a hard time obtaining car financing? It’s because you don’t know Autoteck, the car broker, and also the best used car dealer in St-Eustache, easily accessible from Laval, Blainville and Boisbriand, where you will be able to get your third chance at credit, guaranteed. It’s always difficult to get car credit after a bankruptcy, and to help you get your credit back on track, we offer several solutions that will spare you the sometimes grueling and rather complex consumer proposal process.

You finally get a yes!

It’s obvious that obtaining a car loan with bad credit is certainly not easy, but if you want to acquire a used car at the best possible interest rate, for a 2nd chance at car credit, come see us in St-Eustache or apply for financing online, it’s simple, fast and efficient. One of our advisors will get back to you as soon as possible and there is a high probability that you will receive a 100% approved rating.

A much appreciated help

Whatever your situation, whether you are a recent graduate, have recently lost your job or have experienced a separation, in short, we are here to give you a second and even third chance. So before you give up and forfeit, discover the alternatives available to you and trust our team to help you get back on the right foot.

Rest assured that even after 1, 2, 3 chances on auto credit, it is possible for you to regain the freedom to go about your business, go to work and do your shopping in your used car with complete peace of mind. And what’s more, with such an impressive inventory, you’re sure to find the used model that’s right for you at a price that suits you. So don’t let luck guide your destiny, take back control of your life and let our financing experts give you a little push.