Quick guide for servicing your car in Quebec

We are fortunate here in Quebec to be able to experience the joys of winter, whether it is skiing, skating, tubing or snowboarding. However, in order to keep us safe on our everyday trips, the roads are covered with salt, sand or calcium, all of which can cause serious damage to our vehicles, both inside and out. So, in order to maintain your vehicle in perfect condition, any season is a good time to take care of your vehicle's maintenance.


Fortunately, the experienced technicians at Autoteck are here to service your car, no matter what the season. During the winter, we highly recommend that you have your vehicle washed at least once a month to remove all of the calcium and salt that sticks in the fenders, under the chassis and under the bed. This is the best way to prevent rust and corrosion.

a woman driving on a Winter road


a group of friends driving in Spring

When spring comes around and you give your home a good cleaning, you should also clean your car's carpets, especially after the many months of accumulation of calcium and slush which can damage your carpets.

This season is also a great time to get a lot of things done, and with the summer season just around the corner, many of us will not have enough time to take care of our vehicles. When it is time to change the winter tires, it is a good idea to also get rid of the debris and grime that the winter roads have left on our vehicles.


A long vacation, a trip to the cottage, weekend camping, or an unplanned road trip to admire the beautiful landscapes of Quebec, whatever the reason for your journey, it is important that your car is in good condition. To be sure that your vacation is not ruined by a mechanical problem, consider stopping by Autoteck for an inspection, so you can drive away with peace of mind.

a man in his car during the Summer


two women in a roofless car in Fall

Last but not least, for all your car maintenance and repair needs, at Autoteck we offer a wide range of services. Whether it's a tire rotation, an oil change, body care, repairs or a simple car wash, our specialists are always happy to help you keep your car in excellent condition.